Commit to the Lord…Vinyl Wall Scripture

Commit to the Lord...Vinyl Wall Scripture
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Vinyl wall decor is a very hot trend in the home decor market today We offer some of the most cherished scripture verses and inspirational sayings that you can apply quickly and easily to almost any surface. Decorate walls, furniture, mirrors, doors . . ..

God Tag – Daughter

God Tag - Daughter
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These unique myGodTags are a non-traditional take on standard military issued dog tags. Each myGodTag was created from an original drawing or piece of artwork. Then it was made into a stamp, which was then used to create an impression in wax, and later . . ..

Photo Binder Set – Luke 12:34

Photo Binder Set - Luke 12:34
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Artwork by Stephane Marrott. Enjoy this cleverly packaged 2 photo album set. The Photo Binder includes 2 lignon and acid free binders that hold 100 photos, complete with binder inserts to customize your set. The front of the binder has Luke 12:34 . . ..

Unakite Gem Stone Necklace with Cross

Unakite Gem Stone Necklace with Cross
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This lovely genuine stone necklace has been hand crafted in the US. and nbsp; It features a lovely pewter finish cross. The stones are Unakite (Green). and nbsp; Unakite, also called epidote, derives its name from the Greek epidosis, meaning “”growing together””. . . ..

Handcast Gold Cross Cuff

Handcast Gold Cross Cuff
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Stunning Handcast Gold Cross Cuff. NEW Slightly adjustable… fits average wrist. Cuff width measures 1 3/4″”. Adorned with two pearls. The Artist’s thumbprint has been cast into the silver cross as a part of the design. Very unique Be certain . . ..

Precious Magnetic Babysitter’s List – Pink

Precious Magnetic Babysitter's List - Pink
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When it’s time for mom and dad to leave the nest, use this to write down the instructions for the babysitter. It’s magnetic and will still to the fridge. The magnetic pad measures 9″” x 4″”..

Nativity Shimmer Night Light

Nativity Shimmer Night Light
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Lovely nativity night light in all white with colored background. Includes adjustable plug-in so that your open socket is not blocked with usage. Measures 3.5″” x 2″” x 7.25″”..

Ayala Bar Classic Fall 2010 Cross – Blossom

Ayala Bar Classic Fall 2010 Cross - Blossom
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A lovely cross from the new Ayala Bar Fall 2010 Collection. Each piece is lovingly composed of precious metals combined with glass beads, Swarovski crystals, mineral stones and fabric. The cross comes to you in a gift box, along with the artist card. . . ..

Blessings Bowl for Mom

Blessings Bowl for Mom
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The Blessings Bowl for Mom is the perfect gift for any mother, any time. The poem card on the outside of the box acknowledges the unique contribution a mother gives to our lives, and the vellum papers inside allow you to thank your mother, in your own . . ..

12″” Holy Family Figurine

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What a lovely holiday accent piece. and nbsp; This 12″” Holy Family Figurine has a lovely garden accent with vines and has been and nbsp;made by Joseph’s Studio. and nbsp; The craftsmanship and coloring is beautiful. and nbsp; Certain to be a treasure for years to come. Measures . . ..

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