Saying Good-bye, Saying Hello…Book

Saying Good-bye, Saying Hello...Book
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When Your Family is Moving… We all have moved sometime in our lives, and we remember some of the feelings we had. In moving with children, one should help them feel safe and secure among all the hustle and bustle and the many changes ahead. This . . ..

Good Night Baby Jesus Book

Good Night Baby Jesus Book
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Good Night Baby Jesus is a lovely chunky cardboard book for little ones. Focusing on the nativity story, this board book celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. A perfect way to soothe children before bedtime while sharing with them Jesus’s inspiring message . . ..

Keeping Family First Book

Keeping Family First Book
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Today, it’s not a matter of “”keeping up with the Joneses.”” It’s a matter of keeping up with your own family With jobs, school, sports, and on and on, there’s precious little “”family time.”” We know a stable family life nurtures happy, well-adjusted . . ..

Bye-Bye, Bully! Book

Bye-Bye, Bully!  Book
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A Kid’s Guide for Dealing With Bullies Bullying is a dangerous an widespread form of harassment among children. Most young children, however, are not able to handle this kind of intimidation alone. Aided by its little elfin characters, this helpful . . ..